Summer is here and in full swing. With longer days and warmer temperatures, this is the best time to get to know someone special. After all, they don’t call it “summer love” for nothing!

So, if you’re matched with someone you like and aren’t sure where to plan your next date together, we’ve got you. In today’s blog, we’ve curated our favorite date ideas for this summer 2022.

Ready to get to know each other and have some fun? Let’s dive right in.

8 Summer Date Ideas You’ll Love

  1. Spend The Day On A Boat
    Love the idea of spending the day on the water? Take your date out on a boat this summer and enjoy your conversation sipping chilled cider with a view. If you can sail, then you’re sure to impress. But if you don’t, don’t worry. You can treat your date to a luxurious boat tour - some even offer cocktails and lunch - and create memories together. Or, add some action by planning a fishing or kayak trip. Get ready for fun, romance, and plenty of giggles!
  2. Go To A Local Summer Fair Or Festival
    There’s no summer without summer festivals! Invite your date to a cool summer fair or festival and enjoy the vibrant, colorful, and lively environment. From fun rides and parades to international food and live music, summer festivals have something for everyone. We promise your date will have the time of their life. Try local food that oozes flavor and deliciousness, share childhood memories, sing your heart out to your favorite pop songs, and don’t forget to click plenty of selfies!
  3. Try A Rooftop Restaurant With A View
    The nights are warm, take your dinner date to the rooftop and enjoy your meal with the view of city lights and stars. From luxurious dinners with champagne to hipster restaurants with tasty dishes packed with exotic flavors, you can choose from a range of different rooftop experiences to fit you and your date’s personality. Either way, we know you’ll have a great night. There’s something magical and so romantic about sitting on the rooftop, eating a delicious meal, and talking to someone special while a cool breeze swivels through your hair – a scene fit for the movies!
  4. Visit A Botanical Garden
    If you are tired from the hustle and bustle of the city and are done watching the concrete landscapes, take out your sunglasses and invite your date for a day out to a botanical garden. Enjoy the summer blooms with the most colorful and stunning flowers and thick greenery that instantly bring calm. Whether you want to walk around and discover plants from far away lands or sit down in the shade of a big tree and share childhood stories, botanical gardens are always a fun way to spend the day with a date.
  5. Enjoy Wine Or Beer Tasting
    Summer dates are all about new experiences and…drinks! Wine people can enjoy wine tasting at a beautiful vineyard while beer lovers can chug craft beer at a local brewery. Get to know each other's taste in alcohol and test each other’s drinks knowledge. Taste some berries with an undertone of chocolate? Fascinated by how beer can come in so many different flavors? Experience drinking a whole new way and let the conversation flow. And if you don’t fancy alcohol, hit a local kombucha brewery or specialty tea room instead!
  6. Try An Outdoor Cinema
    Taking your date out to the cinema is a classic. But if you’re bored of stuffy rooms packed with red seats, we have a better idea. How about enjoying the warm weather at an outdoor cinema? Many open-air cinemas have old and classic romantic movies that you and your date will love. But if romance is not your favorite genre, you can also find the latest blockbusters or popular thriller, fantasy, and sci-fi movies too. In parks, by the water, or on rooftops, open-air cinemas are a unique summer date idea that your date will remember for years to come.
  7. Go To an Outdoor Concert
    Music has always been a great way to connect with people. And with the warmer days, music lovers can take it to the next level by attending an outdoor concert. So, if your date loves to sing out loud, invite them to an outdoor concert near you. Extra points if it’s a music band that you both love. Now relax, enjoy the beat, and dance til you drop. Your date might just show you some wild dance moves.
  8. Have A Gourmet Barbecue
    Want to impress your date with your chef skills? Summer is the perfect excuse to take out the barbecue and make some gourmet grill. Special dishes for your special person - have fun creating unique plates by fusing different cuisines together. Simply set up the grill in your backyard or take the party to the park or beach - either way, you’re about to fill your bellies with some delicious food. And remember, cooking together can also be a great bonding experience.

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